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102 Years of Stories – George McClean Jnr – Taylor Wessing Entry 2014

George McLean Jnr - 102 Years of Stories
George McLean Jnr – 102 Years of Stories

Truly great people are a rarity today, despite what the media may portray otherwise. For me, George is one of the rare, great people.  Many wouldn’t believe from the photo that he is 102 years old, and although suffering from poor hearing he is a fit, active man.  He has that charming soft American accent that captivates you when he speaks, combined with a genuine humility that is the true mark of greatness. It is hard to get him to talk about himself, which is a breath of fresh air in todays self promoting, socially networked world but he may just casually mention meeting Rockafeller as a child or spending time with General Custer’s widow who lived in the summer house next to his.

Photographing George was a humbling experience for me, especially  as he is has a lot more hair than me!

I entered this into the Taylor Wessing National Portrait Prize 2014, which sadly wasn’t admitted into the final selection for exhibition. I think it is their loss as George McLean Jnr’s portrait deserves to be hanging on the walls of the National Portrait Gallery.