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New Project – Chalked up

I’ve been indoor climbing now for about six months and I love it. A good friend of mine, Nick, got me into it and I was hooked. I’ve been meaning to bring my camera for a while and start off this project of shooting climbers. It was a lot more intense then I thought, climbing with a camera was more challenging then I thought and just hanging around off ropes for a session completely destroyed me but it was worth it. Indoor climbing isn’t the most interesting environment to shoot it but it did allow me to make a start on this project and work out some of the challenges involved. Firstly, chalk dust gets everywhere. Secondly, it is a challenge to capture the sense of scale and still keep it detailed and interesting. I also shot some film on my RZ67 on lovely black & white film and once these are scanned it I’ll post them here…

3 thoughts on “New Project – Chalked up”

  1. Looks really great fun, very enduring. I can only imagine how difficult that could be on a real mountain climb, when’s the first trip!

  2. Cheers! Hoping to get outdoors in the spring and get over to fontainebleau to do some bouldering too.

  3. Near Wallkill, NY there is a famous rock face that people love to climb. I probably just never had the nerve. Anyway, the light below created some nice shadows.

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